3 Day Prague Itinerary | Why Prague should be on your Bucket List!

Let’s get straight to the point, 3 days is a very short amount of time to spend in the beautiful city of Prague! Had I known that Prague was this breathtaking, I would’ve extended my stay to 5 days. However, 3 days were all I had and if you’re on a time crunch too, here’s my suggestion on how you should go about Prague in 3 days. You might not get to explore the whole city, but you sure will get a taste of Europe’s Bohemian Gem!

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Since we were doing an Eastern Europe tour, we took the Train from Berlin to Prague which was a 4 hour journey and cost us about Rs 3,000. You can also access Prague via Bus if you’re coming from any other close by European city like Vienna, Berlin or Budapest, or you can access this gorgeous city by Flight.

buy veterinary prednisone Where to Stay?

Since we were Backpacking, we stayed at the Cosmopole Hostel located between Prague 1 and 2. It was quite a convenient location to stay at, not very expensive and the rooms were very spacious and hygienic with huge windows and gorgeous views. They also had free breakfast, just your basic stuff like eggs, cereal, yogurt, milk, coffee and fruits but it was enough to fill up our stomachs. Let me not forget to mention the amazing view from the terrace and it’s proximity to local pubs and restaurants. AND they had a common area where you could play games like pool, card games or just sit there, drink Czech wine and make conversation which is what we did on most nights. We ended up paying approximately Rs 5,000 each for 3 nights.

see here now Itinerary

Day 1

Check in: Make your way from the Airport/Train station to your hotel by Public Transport. A 72 hour or 3 day public transport pass will cost you around 310Kc (Rs 1000 or 12 Euros). Pretty reasonable if you ask me, because it is valid on all modes of public transport(Bus, tram, metro) around the whole city. We arrived in Prague in the afternoon, the perfect time for a nice Czech lunch. We checked into our Hostel, dropped our bags off in the rooms, met our roommates and freshened up before we went down for lunch.

Lunch: The Hostel staff were extremely helpful when we asked them for suggestions for Lunch. We told them we didn’t want to go to a touristy restaurant, but we wanted to try authentic Czech food, so they suggested that we eat at U Mateje Kortby which is a Czech restaurant that was right around the corner. It was a quaint little space with the most delicious comfort food! We started off by ordering a pint of Beer each and decided to go for Pilsner Urquel which is a famous Czech Beer. I’m not a huge fan of Beer but I loved this one. It was creamy and refreshing! We also ordered a couple of Czech dishes including Pork Knee which is a famous Czech delicacy. Neither of us could finish our dishes because they were such large portions! Do remember this when ordering food in Prague: their portions are HUGE! The three of us could’ve easily shared just one dish. The prices here were quite cheap too, so if you’re living somewhere around the area, be sure to check out this place for lunch.

Charles Bridge: Post lunch, take a bus or a tram to Charles Bridge and walk across this beautiful pedestrian only bridge. Since we took our time with lunch and enjoyed every bit of it, we made it to Charles Bridge rather late, some time around Sunset. The views were nothing short of Gorgeous and for some reason, I felt like I was in a Harry Potter movie, but being Summer and peak tourist season, it was rather crowded.

We walked across the entire bridge, taking in the view, the beautiful sunset and the melodious tunes and voices of the street performers. I distinctly remember watching a girl play an acoustic version of Mamma Mia on her violin and it felt like I was in the scene of a movie! It was just so surreal. Charles Bridge at Sunset is something you have to do when in Prague!

We walked towards the end of the bridge and an Ice cream shop caught my eye. They were selling the famous and traditional Czech Trdlnck which is a cone made of sugar coated dough with a filling of either cream or ice cream, so I picked up one of those and walked around town. The other side of the Charles bridge is quite a tourist trap. Most restaurants and bakeries here sell dishes that are twice the price compared to the old town, so make sure to grab a bite on the Old Town side before crossing the bridge in order to save a couple of bucks.

Night: Spend your first night in Prague exploring the nightlife. It’s pretty wild is what we heard. Our Hostel even had a pub crawl that evening which according to me is the best way to check out the nightlife in a new city. However, we were tired from traveling that morning and walking around all day so we decided to stay in and try out Czech wine and that’s what we did. Czech wine, btw, is delicious and cheap! I can’t remember the name of the one we bought, but we used to finish 2-3 bottles a night among the 3 of us. Great investment, I would say 😉

Day 2

Old Town: Start off the next day with the beautiful sights of Old Town Prague. Make your way there by Bus or Tram. You could even have breakfast here. Grab yourself a coffee from Starbucks and you will find loads of street food stalls all over the town square to grab a quick snack at.

At 11:00am, make your way to the Old Town Hall tower to have a bird’s eye view of Old Town Prague. The view is breathtaking and the well maintained architecture makes it feel like you’re in a fairy tale! The Old Town Hall is open from 11am to 10pm, so you can either choose to do this in the morning or even after the Prague Castle tour in the evening. We did it in the morning itself because we wanted to spend our evening at Castle Hill.

After the Town Hall tower, we decided to walk around the Jewish district of Old Town Prague, Josevov where you will find the Jewish Cemetery, the Synagogue as well as the Jewish Museum. You can book a tour here or walk around by yourself. We decided to just take a walk because we didn’t have much time. On our way back, we grabbed lunch at a Sandwich place that I don’t remember the name of. But there are so many restaurants around, I’m sure you’ll have an easy time looking for one you’d like.

Prague Castle Tour: Our main activity of the day was to go to Prague Castle which I had seen so many pictures of. This time, instead of going there ourselves, we decided to book a Castle tour with Sandeman’s New Europe just so that we would have more information about the History of the Castle. The Tour cost us 12 Euros (Rs 1000) and was well worth it. It covered a lot more sights than just the castle. We covered:

  • Malá Strana – the Lesser Quarter
  • Hradčany – the Castle District
  • St. Vitus’ Cathedral

Our tour guide was very informative and fun as well! I think that’s the best part of the Sandeman’s New Europe tours. They’re always so much fun and such a great opportunity to meet like minded travelers from all over the world. I would highly recommend booking their Castle Tour. The duration is about 3 hours, so make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothing and shoes because there’s a lot of walking around to do.

After the tour, we decided to hang around the Castle district for a cup of Tea and some snacks. We walked around the Golden Lane before finding a small cafe. The Golden Lane is a street situated in the Prague Castle Area. Originally built in the 16th century, it takes its name from the goldsmiths that lived there in the 17th century. It consists of small houses, painted in bright colours in the 1950s. Many of the houses are now souvenir shops, and there is a museum of medieval armoury within the former 14th-century fortification accessible from Golden Lane. The place makes for great Instagram shots and is probably every Instagrammer’s paradise with it’s brightly coloured right-out-of-the-storybook houses!

After tea and ice cream at a small cafe around the corner, we took a tram and underground back to our Hostel. We were really tired from all the walking so we decided to spend the day indoors with a few bottles of Czech wine.

Czech Wine: This turned out to be a great idea because Czech wine is cheap and delicious! Our Hostel also had an open air terrace where we could chill, play some great music and just unwind after a long day of walking.

Day 3

Take it easy: Our last day in the city, we took our time waking up because we were rather hungover from the wine. But our plan was to take it easy anyway, so that’s what we did. We grabbed Brunch at Cafe Platyz, which was a cute little cafe close to our Hostel. They had some delicious Chocolate Milkshakes! After a great Brunch and full tummies, we decided to make our way to the Dancing House.

Dancing House: The Dancing house designed by Croatian-Czech Architect Vlado Milunic and Canadian Architect Gerhy stands out among the otherwise traditional Baroque architecture that Prague is known for. I honestly thought it looked much more impressive in pictures because in real life, it looked rather ordinary, until I crossed the street and saw it from another angle. If you like Architecture, this is a site worth visiting, If not, you can skip it and do something else instead. Perhaps a bit of shopping at Wenceslas Square.

Kampa Park: From the Dancing house, we walked to Kampa Park to have a look at the Crawling Babies sculpture designed by Artist David Cerny. All of his sculptures are so bizarre but crazy interesting. The Giant Crawling Babies structure looks very cute from afar, but upon getting a bit closer, you’ll notice that their faces are smushed in with a huge Barcode. This represents digital data that is collected about individuals from birth. How as babies, we are given a name, a religion, an identity and how our digital prints are tracked our entire life. Pretty interesting, right?

Under the Charles Bridge: After the Crawling Babies sculpture, we continued walking in an attempt to explore the place and ended up under Charles Bridge. The view was stunning so we stopped to take a few pictures and walked on.

John Lennon Wall: Then we made our way to the John Lennon wall which was filled with tourists getting their picture taken. I would recommend taking a spray can along if you enjoy art or painting because you can go crazy with your art on this wall! It is completely legal to draw or paint here, provided your paint doesn’t end up on the other neighboring buildings. There was a lot of scribbling and doodles but among all that chaos, you will find some meaningful art as well.

Pubs/Beer Tour: In the evening, you can either do a Beer Tour or a Pub Crawl. Since we were on a budget, we found the good pub crawls to be a little expensive, so we went out on our own. We tried out this pub called the Funky Bee which had really innovative cocktails and very polite and informative bar-tenders! Make sure to have the best time on your last night in Prague! Go crazy because the drinks aren’t as expensive as other European cities. Also, when it comes to nightlife, there is a 5- story club in Prague called Karlovy Lazne wherein each floor plays a different Genre of music. The locals we spoke to said that it’s a tourist trap and very gimmicky and expensive so we decided to skip it. But if you would like to experience it, go right ahead!

If you have a few more days in Prague, I would highly recommend doing a Day-trip to either Kutna Hora or Cesky Krumlov. I had originally planned a trip to Cesky Krumlov in my itinerary, but since we had only 3 days, we wanted to explore only Prague properly. I will most definitely be returning to the beautiful city, hopefully for a much longer duration next time.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! If you’re looking to travel around Europe, make sure to check out my other Blog Posts featuring France, Italy, Netherlands, and Germany.

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