All Dolled Up with Shape & Shine Goa

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All Dolled Up with Shape & Shine Goa

Hello guys, and welcome to a new blog post! If you’re following me on Instagram you’d know that I’d been looking to change up my hair lately. I used to have long, straight dark hair and I’d had the same hairstyle for years now. I did change it up once in a while but not so much, lately. The truth is, I’m extremely cautious about anything hair related. I NEVER take risks with my hair. But, lately my hair had been feeling really lifeless and boring so I thought why not colour it? I looked up some hair trends online and really loved the whole caramel balayage look. It was subtle yet extremely beautiful. So I decided to give it a go.

I first went into Shape and Shine Goa for a Hair consultation that was done by the hair stylists there under the guidance of Geeta Pawa, the owner. They told me what colours would match my complexion and the texture of my hair. They also did a strand test on my hair, where they cut off a few strands of my hair and coloured it with different intensities and shades so that I could see which shade would turn out best on my own hair.

The next day I went there to get it coloured. The entire process started off with a Hair wash which was really soothing. A big shout out to Suraj, who washed my hair and gave me a mini head massage while he was at it. They then moved on to the colour. One of the hair stylists, Om did the colouring. It took about 2-2.5 hours for the colour to be applied and then to soak in, after which he washed it off, dried and styled my hair.

I was really happy with how the colour turned out. My long, dead straight hair finally looked like it got some life into it. I also got a ton of compliments the next day. Also, I was terrified about the colour damaging and drying up my hair but it’s been about 3 weeks now and my hair has never looked better. Here’s a picture of what my hair looked like before:

Moving on to make-up. Since the owner Geeta Pawa, is a professional make-up artist, we decided to collaborate and do an evening make up look. Something you’d wear to a wedding or a ball. She’s got an entire room JUST for make-up! This room would be any make-up lover’s paradise. It’s stocked with all the high end and latest make-up palettes and tools. Urban Decay, NARS, MAC, Artis, you name it!

For this evening look, we decided to go with a smokey eye and a bold lip. All I had to do was lay back in a really comfortable recliner chair and let her work her magic. Since I’d never had my make-up done by a professional before, this was a real treat.

We then moved on to hair styling, where we went for big, soft curls at the bottom and an extreme side part at the top. The hairstyle went really well with my newly coloured hair and the make-up. To finish off the look, I wore an evening gown designed by Ranjana and Prachi Dhawan.


I was really happy with how this looked turned out, and even though the pictures turned out amazing, courtesy of Paran Singh Photography, the hair and make-up looked even better in real life. I felt like keeping it on ALL NIGHT! But sadly, that’s really bad for your skin, so I had to take it off before going to bed 😛

With the wedding and party season coming up, don’t forget to check out Shape & Shine Goa for all your hair and make-up needs. I totally and completely vouch for them. Geeta also does bridal make up- Indian as well as Western. So do get in touch with her and feel free to give her my reference if and when you do.

I hope you guys liked this post as much as I enjoyed shooting for it! Do leave me comments down below if you have any questions or feedback. Until next time…



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