Autumn/Fall inspired look feat. Sunbird Sews

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Autumn/Fall inspired look feat. Sunbird Sews

Hi guys, welcome to another blog post! As you can tell in the title, today’s post is Autumn/Fall inspired look and this post is in collaboration with Sunbird Sews, a Bangalore based brand that’s run by Deepa, a designer and seamstress. She takes orders for making clothing, bags and sewn gifts for women and children.

She can make customised shorts, skirts, quilted jackets, anything basically.

She will be opening a tiny shop online with limited pieces. By 2018 the shop will be fully eco, which is awesome because there are so many people looking out for sustainable and eco-friendly fashion nowadays!

People can either visit her with their fabric, or book fabrics online to her address or even suggest her to buy fabrics. She’s got a pretty good network of vendors that sell quality and affordable fabrics.

When Deepa first approached me, I was thrilled to know about her business that she started from scratch. It’s always nice to see women entrepreneurs coming up in a male dominated world.

My experience with her brand Sunbird Sews has been really great! When it came to getting my measurements taken, she sent me an online form since I live in Goa and couldn’t physically go to Bangalore. I filled in my measurements into the form and sent it back to her.

She also asked me what kind of garment I’d like. I told her I’d love to see myself in one of her tops. She sent me design ideas for the top as well as swatches of fabrics that I could choose from.

And voila! The top was ready in no time! It was delivered to my doorstep with a really cute handwritten note which added a personal touch to it.

What I really liked about Sunbird Sews is that it is super personalised. As much as I love my commercial brands, I have to admit that not every top or bottom fits my curves perfectly. With Sunbird Sews, the garments are personalised to my measurements and they fit my body very snuggly.

Let me now move on to the top that Deepa made me. It’s a beautiful white sleeveless crop top. You can pretty much pair it with anything you’d like. I’ve paired it with a brown faux suede skirt, a yellow printed kimono and a pair of boots.

Since the top is plain, the kimono adds an element of interest to the entire outfit with its eccentric print and bright mustard colour. I picked this up from Forever 21 when they had an online sale. At first I wasn’t too happy with how it looked when it arrived but I couldn’t return it since it was a sale item, so I kept it and thank God I did, because look how cute it looks paired with this outfit!

Because it was an Autumn/Fall inspired look, I went for a buttoned tan skirt which has actually been pretty popular in 2017. It’s also faux suede, so perfect for the colder months. This skirt was also from Forever 21 and I grabbed it last year when I was in Bangalore.

For accessories, I used my old and trust Forever 21 beige satchel.

Lastly, the boots I’m wearing are faux leather ankle booties that are again, from Forever 21. Now these are a REALLY old pair of boots. I picked them up about 4-5 years back from Dubai and since theyre a classic, I know they’ll never go out of style. Theyre also extremely comfortable to wear.

So yeah, that’s all about my outfit. If you guys are interested in placing an order with Sunbird Sews, you can contact them via their Facebook page. Also, If you’d like to achieve a similar look, I’ve linked the items down below so go check them out.



Top: Sunbird Sews

Skirt: Forever 21 or Similar

Kimono: Forever 21 or Similar

Boots: Forever 21 or Similar

Bag: Forever 21 or Similar

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