Choose from the Best Boots Collection for styling your outfit perfectly

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Choose from the Best Boots Collection for styling your outfit perfectly

It’s winter season and for me, it’s time to break out the boots! I’ve been a huge fan of boots for years now, and every winter I bring out all of my boots from the closet and lay them out to use in the months to come. Plus winter is the perfect time to invest in a pair of footwear because – first of all, there are tons of holiday parties, be it office Christmas celebrations, or house parties, new year’s eve, wedding season! A whole bunch of occasions to flaunt your gorgeous collection of footwear! 

Here are some of my favourite types of boots:

1. Combat boots: These are great for everyday casual use. They’re chunky, edgy and make you look like you just got off the ramp without looking too overdressed. I wear these to the office a LOT! I usually pair them with a shirt dress or even jeans and a sweater. I think they make the outfits look a little more elevated and very cool. Another great place to wear combat boots are music festivals – they’re extremely stylish but also super comfortable which is what makes them great for dancing and walking around. Here’s a great way to style them.

2. Thigh-High boots: If boots were people, these would be supermodels! Thigh-high boots are obviously the sexiest ones out there. My favourite way to wear them is to pair them up with a mini dress, mini skirt or a pair of sequin shorts. These are great for more dressier occasions, especially something as fancy as a New Year’s Eve party. How I’d personally style them is with a sequin blazer and shorts. I think that would make the most perfect NYE outfit!

3. Chelsea Boots: What I like best about Chelsea boots is that they can either be dressed up or down. If you’re going for a casual look, you can pair them with jeans and a leather or denim jacket. If you’re going for something a little dressy, think a suede mini skirt, a ruffled top and some gorgeous polka dot stockings underneath! These Chelsea boots are super versatile and are sure to fetch you compliments wherever you go.

4. Oxford Boots: The classier cousin of the Chelsea boot – the oxford boots are all about that boujee style! These look great with slightly dressier outfits and can be worn through the day or night. Think of blazers, skirts, dresses and pearls. I’d wear these to a family Christmas brunch with a peter pan collared dress and a string of pearls.

5. Uggs: Now there’s this huge debate about Uggs. Most people think they’re ugly, but I absolutely love them! According to me, these are the perfect winter boots – unfortunately, I live in Goa and we don’t have winter here but whenever I’m travelling to a cold destination, I always take these along. They’re the perfect combination of stylish and functional. I took them along when I visited Switzerland and Austria and wore them almost every day with a bunch of different outfits ranging from dresses and stockings to jeans and a faux fur jacket. They looked great on everything! If you do decide to buy Uggs, please make sure they’re Vegan and no animals have been harmed in making them.

A great place to buy yourself some boots online is Mochi, they’ve got a pretty cool collection, so be sure to check them out!

What are your favourite types of boots? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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