College Ready with Print Octopus

Hi guys, with colleges currently re-opening, I decided to do a college outfit inspired post. First thing’s first, this post is in collaboration with Print Octopus. If you haven’t heard of them, they’re a vibrant community and marketplace based in India, that gives a big hearty shout out to the artist that exists within all of us. If the same old stuff bores you and original and customized merchandise is what you crave for; you are going to have a good time here!
Buying on Print Octopus is super easy, and they’re supposedly India’s best online e-commerce platform for customized printed merchandise. I was thrilled when these guys approached me because they’re my first fashion collab and I’m super excited to be a part of their blogger campaign.

Let’s get on to the outfit. The t-shirt I’m wearing is a super cute cat print one. Very minimalist but doesn’t fail to make a statement. T-shirts are something I absolutely love, especially graphic tees. A few years back getting your hands on a cool statement tee was almost impossible in India for women, all the online sites would mostly cater graphic tees to men and even if they did cater to women, the shape and style of the t-shirt would almost always be tailored for men. There came a point of time where I actually wanted to go and get my own t-shirts printed at a local t-shirt printing store in Panjim. It was so frustrating to see these super cool graphic tees on american bloggers and celebrities and not being able to own something like that. Now with brands like Print Octopus in the Indian market, we can finally own some decent graphic tees.

Since jeans and graphic tees are an age old pairing, I decided to spice up this outfit with a black faux leather skater skirt instead. The skirt is from Forever 21 that I had got ages ago. I was hesitant to wear it during the day because I associated leather outfits with music concerts, clubs, parties, etc. But this one totally works for day time as well.

For accessories, I went with a red knot hairband that I also picked up at Forever 21 and a leather backpack that I bought off the streets of Italy. This backpack was such a thrifty buy but it’s lasted me quite a long time and it fits all my essentials.

For shoes, I went for Gold quilted sneakers that I bought from Max last year. These are super cute and very affordable. They were only for Rs 600! An absolute steal if you ask me.

Overall, this was a really fun outfit to shoot, it’s definitely something that I would wear to college. If your college isn’t very liberal in terms of above the knee skirts, etc, you can always substitute the skirt for jeans. Like I said before, Graphic tees + Jeans = Age old pairing. Also, don’t forget to check out the Print Octopus website for some super affordable and trendy phone cases, t-shirts and other merchandise. If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you should definitely check out their new GoT collection! I’m going crazy over it!

If you liked  this outfit, you can go on and shop the links below to achieve a similar look. Also, show me some love in the comments below if you liked this post! Until next time.



Top: Print Octopus
Skirt: Forever 21 or similar
Bag: Italy or similar
Headband: Forever 21
Shoes: Max or similar

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