From Bedhead to Redhead with Black Palette Studio

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From Bedhead to Redhead with Black Palette Studio

Hi guys, It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I’ve missed it so much! If you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram, you’d know that I recently changed up my hair. If not, you know now! I’ve gone RED!

I’ve been wanting to colour my hair a bold shade for a while now, I did have a ‘redhead’ phase back in High school but that lasted all of 2 days because I was asked to dye my hair black again by the principal because it was ‘too distracting’ to the other students🙄. (Convent schools, am I right?)

Anyway, here’s where Black Palette came into the picture. Ashma Kamat, owner of Black Palette studio in Caranzalem asked me to collaborate with them and try out their services. I was more than happy to do so because I had always wanted to try out Black Palette but I’d never gotten the chance to.

Above is a picture of my hair before we got started on it. Oh and I also need to make a special mention about the interiors of Black Palette. The place is beautifully done up, the walls are black and grey and have colourful accents. It’s a very creative and modern space.

Now let’s get on to the hair! So the first thing we started off with was choosing the shade. At first, I wanted something subtle, perhaps a few light pink highlights or a rose gold balayage.

I showed Ashma a picture of what I wanted and she guided me through the entire process. She told me that because my hair was dark, it wouldn’t grab on to lighter shades unless it was Pre-lightened. I didn’t want too much Pre-lightener in my hair because that it would turn it dry and brittle. So we decided to keep the Pre-lightener to a minimum and use it only from the midsection of my hair to the ends.

We had to work with pre-lightener before we got to the actual shades. We also chose the main shades that we were gonna work with. Since I had mentioned light pink highlights, Ashma suggested me to go with a mix of a Purple and a Red Base and go in for a Balayage.

If you don’t already know, Balayage is a free hand technique. In french, it literally means ‘to paint’ hence, Balayage pieces should be very close and soft at the root leading to a lighter highlight at the ends of the hair.

The first step was to add in the Pre-lightener and let it sit for about 10-15 mins. Ashma and her team worked on my hair for the next couple of minutes while I asked her a few questions about how she got into the Salon business. 

From what I gathered, she went from studying Commerce and Accounts, to completely switching her field to Hair and Make-up.

Not a lot of people have the guts to switch from a practical field to a creative one but this girl seems to be doing pretty well for herself and she definitely knows her stuff!

After we were done with the Pre-lightener, the team washed my hair and they used a Blue Shampoo to cut down on the warm tones and make the colour more cool toned.

They then blow dried my hair and I’m not gonna lie, I freaked out for a bit because I looked like a lion since half my hair was blond! But I knew it was temporary so it was okay.

We then moved on to the actual hair colour. Ashma mixed in the Red and Purple to create this perfect blend of violet which she then applied to my hair. After washing it, it turned out to be a beautiful blend of shades. Out in the sun, it’s a bright shade of Magenta, and indoors, it looks more Violet.

I loved the final result and couldn’t have asked for better. The hair really transformed my overall look. It’s only been about a week since I coloured my hair, and I’ve already got loads of compliments and I feel so much edgier and fiercer! Since I’m currently traveling, I have people from all over the globe coming up to me and telling me how great my hair looks, and that’s all thanks to Black Palette!

I’ve also got a lot of questions on my Instagram which will be answered here.

How much would it cost?

Well, at Black Palette, something similar to mine would start from Rs 8000/- depending on your hair length, density and texture.

Did my Hair become dry and brittle after washing it?

It’s only been a week and 2 washes since the hair colour. My hair has retained its shine and hasn’t become dry or brittle at all. Of course, it does require a bit of care, like changing my shampoo to a colour protection Shampoo and switching out my conditioner to a hair Mask as suggested by Ashma.

How long would the colour last?

It’s expected to last about 3-4 months but will gradually fade into lighter shades of red.

Would I recommend Black Palette Studio?

YES! I would most definitely recommend Black Palette Studio. I think Ashma has a lot of skill, especially at her age, when most people are still figuring what to do, she’s already a #GirlBoss and owning it. Her team is very efficient as well. She’s always ready to experiment with new shades so even if you have some crazy ideas, she will make them happen. I would highly recommend these guys because they really know what they’re doing.

How does your hair look after a wash?

Have a look at the pictures below!

So that’s about it for this post. If you’d like to change up your hair or get any hair/beauty treatments done, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with Black Palette Studio at 7887869930. They’re located in Caranzalem, Goa and have loads of parking upfront. AND they’re great at what they do!



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