Get Festive Ready with Dziners!

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Get Festive Ready with Dziners!

If you’re from Goa, I’m sure you’ve heard the name ‘D’ziners’. They’re present in pretty much every big city in Goa- Panjim, Margao and now Porvorim! Yes, that’s right, D’ziners has a brand new store and it’s bigger and better than ever!

Owner Andrew David Fernandes – the man behind D’ziners has definitely come a long way since he took over his father’s tailoring shop in Mumbai. He set up the ‘D’ziners’ business in Goa 21 years ago and is now one of the state’s biggest formal wear and bridal brands!

The Porvorim store opened just a few weeks back and business already seems to be booming. I’m not surprised though, because their store is beautifully decorated and has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for bridal wear, formal clothing, suits, tuxedos or even evening gowns, D’ziners caters to everyone!

The ground floor comprises of the lobby where the staff greets the customers and directs them to the section they are interested in. It also houses most of the accessories like ties, cuff-links,  bow ties, scarves and so much more!

The first floor comprises of the Bridal try-on area and boasts of a plethora of bridal gowns for western brides as well as bridal ensembles for Indian brides. Whatever your religion, style or budget, you are sure to find an outfit that calls out your name at D’ziners.

This floor doesn’t just cater to brides-to-be though. It also houses beautiful evening gowns, pant suits and much more for those occasions where you’d like to be all glammed up!

My favourite part of the store is the HUGE mirror they have in the bridal area. It reminds me of all those Hollywood wedding movies where the bride tries on her wedding gown and the bridal party gives their approval over champagne. D’ziners has absolutely nailed their interiors, giving brides-to-be a beautiful experience and memories to cherish for a lifetime.

The second floor is primarily for Men’s clothing. Here’s where you’ll find all the Suits, Blazers, Trousers, Tuxedos, Sherwanis and more. Like I said earlier, D’ziners doesn’t just cater to the western segment, they also have a variety of ethnic suits and outfits for both, men and women.

When I last visited, they had gorgeous suits for men! I’m not just talking about the classic Black, Navy blue and Gray suits. They had blazers in floral prints, bright pops of colours and so many more trendy pieces! I haven’t seen this kind of variety in suits anywhere in Goa.

Their ethnic section houses a variety of gorgeous prints that would make any man look like Prince Charming.

Aside from ready-made garments, they also take orders for made-to-order items. They’re very well known for their swift delivery times and polite and friendly customer service! Andrew ensures that each branch of the business is being run by family itself so that there’s an element of personal touch when dealing with clients; something that you don’t see very often in fast fashion stores.

Their staff is extremely professional and helpful when it comes to sizing, choosing your preferred material and giving you suggestions on your purchases. I personally got myself a shirt made and I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

The best part about Dziners is that they cater to people of all segments. They’ve got bridal gowns for as low as Rs 10,000 and even as high as 1,00,000+! So whatever your budget is, you are bound to find something of great quality at Dziners.

Another unique thing I love about Dziners is their new ‘Bespoke’ brand of suitings wherein you set up an appointment with them over the phone and they show up right at your door step to measure out your body and make you a suit that’s Bespoke and unique! How amazing is it that you don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home to get yourself a suit stitched by the very best in Goa!

For more information on the same, check out their website

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and I really do hope I helped you in getting an outfit this Festive season! Make sure to stop by Dziners Porvorim. I know I definitely will before the festivities begin!

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