“Gold or Silver” which pendant would look best on Christmas?

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“Gold or Silver” which pendant would look best on Christmas?

Silver and gold have been an integral part of the human culture and our world history.  While gold adds a certain bling to the persona, silver is more subdued in its charm and both can carry all gemstones with equal panache. Investment wise, both are smart choices as these are precious metals and their value always keeps on increasing. And if you happen to land on antique sets, then it is priceless with its old world designs and a heritage value, not to mention of the sentiments which are attached to it given it is an heirloom.

Thanks to the array of websites, it is now as easy and breathing when it comes to buying jewelries without the added hassle of running from store to store. That said, the wide collections does take your breath away, not to mention that you are in dilemma as you want to buy it all but amount is an issue. Given that it is the festive season, the collections are wider than ever and the discounts are alluring and the gold pendant set would practically be worn with anything but you got to reign it in. Nonetheless, you can always go with silver statement pieces too.

Here are a few pointers while zooming in on your Christmas look:

Traditionally, gold or silver is determined on your skin tone. If you are fairer i.e. you have a cool skin tone, you are supposed to stick with silver while darker skin or the warm toned skin are supposed to don gold. But, this is too limiting and given the era we live in, obsolete. The right designs works wonders if you are fair and opt for gold or silver is your go to and you have darker skin.

  1. Though optional, you can decide on what to wear when you pick your outfit. Keeping the festive season in mind, you settle for a red costume so go for silver jewelry. A thin chain with a statement pendant of green gemstone and tops of the same design for your ears will make you stand out.
  2. Gold is more a morning show unless you want to shine at the party. Darker velvety textured red and a short gold chain with a simple gold pendant with mid length small gold drop earrings will complete the look and make you party ready.
  3. You can highlight your waist with gold cummerbund studded with colorful gems to tap into your inner gypsy.
  4. Silver anklets and bracelets add charms, literally, to flowery dresses and perfect the morning look.
  5. Mix and match is the mantra. An evening gown in black with gold and silver braided necklace and alternative gold and silver rings on your fingers is fit for any evening program, be it a black tie dinner or you decide to go clubbing.

At the end of the day, your style is your personal statement. I personally prefer the bohemian look and adding charms and rustic looking silver and gold chains makes me tap into the mysticism of the magical world. Gold or silver. Why settle for either when you can have both!

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