Great Home Decor Picks feat. CMM Arena

Hi guys! Hope you all had an amazing weekend. I spent mine trying to re-decorate my bedroom since it’s pretty much been the same ever since I was 15. I wanted to change it up a little and bring in some more mature elements, trade in my stuffed animals for some trendy throw pillows, get in a new make-up mirror since I’ve been into make up lately and although I do have a full length mirror, it doesn’t work very well for make-up.

So I decided to check out If you guys are also looking for new Home Decor options, don’t forget to use the promo code where to buy modafinil from NYEREE02 to avail a discount on your purchase.

Here are some of my top picks from their site:

  1. my link Trendy Throw Pillows

These cushion covers, priced at Rs 590 for a set of two are extremely trendy and will definitely make your bed or couch look like a million bucks by just having them thrown around. I love the whole orange-yellow sunshine vibe it has going on. A great pick to brighten up any room. Click HERE to buy.

buy priligy priligy online 2. Plush Bath Towels

There’s nothing more luxurious and comfortable than the feel of a beautifully fabricated bath towel wrapped around your body after a steaming hot shower. These plush bath towels come in a variety of colours, my favourites being the pale pink and the red ones! Click HERE to buy.

3. Vintage Make-up Mirror

I can’t stress on how cute this make-up mirror is! It’s got a beautiful rustic, vintage, bohemian charm to it. Add a touch of convenience to your bedroom with this neatly designed mirror with a drawer to store your essentials in. This dresser made of solid wood is perfect to keep your beauty accessories and products in place. You can get this at the CMM arena store.

4. Quirky Dust bin

When you normally think of bins, you think of a dirty little trash can to throw your discarded stuff into. Well, CMM Arena has definitely upgraded my definition of dust bins with this uber-cute animal print one. This will definitely add a fun, quirky vibe to your bedroom. Also, think of all the fun you’ll have playing ‘Paper Toss’ for real!

5. Calming Night light

This Buddha night-lamp brings in a calming ambiance to your room. Set within an appealing black metal finish, this graceful lamp will light up your bedroom with a beautiful warm glow and bring in peaceful vibes to its surroundings. Perfect for those nights where you just want to pamper yourself. Bathrobe, face mask and the perfect mood lighting. Click HERE to buy.

6.  Recliner Chair

Now this is something I’d LOVE to have in my bedroom. Not exactly for Decor. But for the comfort aspect of it. I mostly work on my laptop while I’m sitting in bed, and that almost always results in a bad backache the next day. This recliner solves that problem. Sink into the comfort of this Rocker Recliner, and you’ll find yourself rewarded with blissful comfort. That’s because of the comfort-cradle scoop seating with extra padding and the pad-over-chaise design, which combines the footrest and the seat as one upholstered unit for total support. Envelope arms and transitional styling easily blend the Grand Torino Rocker Recliner into most room designs. Also, lets not forget those amazing BOSS feels that you get by just sitting in this chair 😛

So those were my top picks from CMM Arena. Besides being Goa’s largest Megastore, they’ve also got tons of categories and designs to choose from. So go visit their site now! And if you decide on buying something, use the code NYEREE02 to avail a discount on your purchase. If you’d rather shop by physically going to their store, worry not. The same code can be used. All you have to do is tell them the code while you’re paying for your stuff.

I hope you guys check out their website. Click HERE to do so. Also, let me know which product was your favourite in the comments down below. Until next time…



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