Have yourself a cozy little Christmas!

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Have yourself a cozy little Christmas!

Christmas is just around the corner and there’s nothing better than a comfy, cosy celebration. Think waking up to the sound of Christmas carols, the smell of cookies in the oven, opening presents in your pajamas and binge-watching Christmas movies while sipping on hot chocolate – it doesn’t get much cosier than that! I’m all about that feeling of comfort, warmth and cosiness on Christmas morning.

Here are some ways you can make your Christmas at home super cosy:

1. SWAP OUT YOUR REGULAR CLOTHES FOR STYLISH PAJAMAS: Christmas pajamas are a total must-have! There’s nothing that puts you in the comfy cosy mood more than a set of fuzzy, warm pajamas. Also – it’s your holiday break, you have nowhere to be, so might as well break out those super fuzzy pajamas! I know some states in India have what I’d like to call a ‘tropical winter’ where it’s not really cold, but you can still buy yourselves a stylish pair of Christmas pajamas from Zivame. They’ve got a wide variety of pajamas for women that fit all types of weather.

2. BAKE COOKIES: The smell of cookies in the oven is enough to get you in the holiday spirit! Bake and decorate them with your family or make a whole event out of it – invite your friends over and have a pyjama party where you decorate cookies and sip on hot chocolate while you’re at it! If this doesn’t scream comfy, I don’t know what will!

3. MAKE YOUR CHRISTMAS LIT! : For utmost cosiness, light up scented candles that have notes of Vanilla, Cinnamon or other Christmassy scents. They’ll fill your house with the scent of Christmas and of course, the element of fire gives that added warmth and comfort. Aside from candles, fill your house with fairy lights – they’ve just got this soft, glowy vibe about them that screams Christmas!

4. MOVIE MARATHON: Compile a list of Christmas movies and go on a binge-watching marathon with friends and family. Does anything really sound better than watching Netflix in your favourite pajamas with your loved ones? I think not! So get right to it – compile that Christmas list today! Here’s a list of movies to get you started. 

5. LOAD UP ON CUSHIONS: Bundle up your furniture in all things warm and fuzzy. Fluffy cushions and a knitted throw for the sofa will add that extra comfiness to your living room. Buy them in neutral colours like grey or beige to give your home that ultra-luxe, comfy look.

That’s all the tips I have to make your Christmas feel as comfy and cosy as ever. I myself live in Goa which is pretty hot during the winter as well – but I personally use all of these tips to bring in that wintery, Christmassy vibe to my home.

Let me know in the comments what you personally do to make your home feel comfier during Christmas!

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