Offbeat things to do in Goa this Valentine’s Day

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Offbeat things to do in Goa this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is just around the corner and as usual, all the best restaurants are going to be completely full, you’re gonna have to wait in line for a couple of hours along with your S/O and that’s not exactly the best way to bond.
Also, is it just me or is dinner and a movie just way too boring at this point? If we’re on the same page, then here are some offbeat things you can do this Valentine’s Day in Goa

1. Staycation: Plan a staycation with your loved one, be it your spouse, your parents or your best friend. EVERYONE needs a staycation! One night at a resort is the perfect way to bond and do activities that are both relaxing and fun! I would recommend The Heritage Village in Arrosim. Located on Arrosim beach in South Goa, The Heritage Village is the perfect spot for families, couples or even a group of friends. They’ve got a wide range of activities including swimming, water sports, paint ball, archery, indoor games and even a spa if you’re looking for some R&R. It’s also perfect if you have kids and are looking to spend some quality time with your husband/wife.

2. Spa date: Valentine’s day is all about love and I cannot stress enough on how self-love is the best kinda love! Go all out this Valentine’s day and treat yourself to a Spa day. Get a relaxing massage, a pedicure, maybe even a haircut! You could also treat your best friend, mom or spouse to a couples massage. Ofcourse, there’s not gonna be much bonding, but it’s a great way to pamper them. Spas that I would personally recommend for this sort of activity are Snip Spa and Salon and Shape and Shine, Donapaul. If you’re on a low budget, go buy yourself a sheet mask, light a scented candle and spend the night watching Netflix or reading a book.

Pamper yourself at the Spa

3. Bike Trail: Sure, romantic dinners are nice but can you up the ante with something more fun? Let your inner ‘sport’ shine and impress your date with a specially curated fun ride on stylish e-Bikes. With a special Divar Island tour by B: Live, make this Valentine’s Day a memory worth cherishing. The open paddy fields and wooded hills of Divar island make for a perfect romantic gateway. The e-Bike tour will help you bond as you explore the local culture and soak up the magical sunset. Revel in the romantic Goan music and delectable local delicacies at a century old Indo-Portuguese house. Plenty of selfie moments, cultural anecdotes and the fun e- Bike tour, will make your day unforgettable. Book your spot on tour by logging on to, call on 8669600373.

Ride through lush fields and catch the sunset with you S/O

4. Dinner: If at the end of the day, you are old school at heart and dinner is more your thing, then I’d recommend two restaurants: Mahe in Anjuna for their romantic candlelight setting and delicious coastal food; and Orchid by Fortune Miramar located right near Miramar beach. Orchid has a special Valentine’s dinner menu with aphrodisiacs in every dish. If you and your partner are foodies, then I’d highly recommend Orchid for their experimental menu. If you’re just looking for a romantic setup and good food, then Mahe is the place you want to be. Your call, just make sure you ring them up asap and make a reservation!

Dinner at Mahe, Anjuna.

So how are you spending Valentine’s day this year?

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