Staycation at a Hidden Beach in Karnataka

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Staycation at a Hidden Beach in Karnataka

There’s nothing that gets my adrenaline pumping more than planning a Staycation! I can spend hours doing research, booking things-to-do and making plans. This staycation, however was a little different.

Firstly, it was a completely last minute plan. We decided that we’d be going there only the previous day. Secondly, our agenda was completely empty. We literally did NOTHING all weekend. So it was definitely more of a relaxing staycation than an adventurous one.

Now let’s get right to the chase: WHERE IS THIS BEAUTIFUL LOCATION?

This gorgeous secluded beach that you see in my latest Instagram posts is called Honnebail beach (Honey beach, for short). Located in the small town of Ankola in Karnataka, Honey beach is located at the very end of a rural village with literally just trees and cliffs surrounding it. We went there on the weekend, and there was not a single soul on the beach. It was like having the whole beach to ourselves.  The sands were clean, the waters blue and the sunset bold and rich in colour!


We drove there from Panjim. It was a 3 and a half hour drive. Since we were two of us, we split the driving time so that both of us could take a break while the other was driving. Our entire fuel expense from Panjim to Ankola cost us Rs 1,500 up and down. It was a fairly smooth drive with just a few uneven roads once we reached Ankola. Navigation was pretty smooth as well. We didn’t get lost or take the wrong road even once.


We stayed at this resort called ‘Red Earth Gokarna’ which was connected to the beach. I came across it on Instagram and called them to book a room the previous day. Thankfully, they had a vacant cottage.

It’s a beautiful nature resort with a lovely restaurant and quaint little rooms. We booked ourselves the luxury cottage which cost us Rs 4,720/- inclusive of breakfast and tea time beverages. The rooms had all the amenities you’d look for in a decent nature cottage. Clean linen, clean bathroom, a TV, WIFI and much more.

They had ample parking in the premises, so we knew our car was safe.

The general manager of the resort, Mr. Srinivasan was very kind and helpful throughout our stay. He helped us out with whatever we needed and was kind enough to allow us a late checkout before leaving.

The property also had a sunset viewing deck that we spent hours at in the afternoon, just watching the waves. I’ve never felt more at peace than there.


We ate all our meals at the restaurant located on the Red Earth property itself. Since we got there during lunch time, we ordered a Chicken sizzler to share along with some chicken nuggets (We were pretty hungry from driving all the way). The food took a little time to cook since they cook all their dishes from scratch, but it was worth the wait.

For tea time, that evening, we had complimentary tea and coffee with cookies. Their coffee was so delicious, we had about 4-5 cups of it! We also ordered a portion of fries to go with it since we were hungry from prancing around on the beach.

For dinner, we had Ghee Roast chicken with Parathas which is my favourite south indian dish! Their menu has a mix of coastal south indian and continental cuisine which is great because there aren’t any restaurants around the area.

The next day, we had complimentary breakfast which consisted of fresh fruit, fresh muskmelon juice and an omelette. I’m pretty sure they had a few more dishes on the breakfast list, but we were stuffed by the time we finished the fluffy omelettes.

One thing I really appreciate about this resort is that their food is made to order. They don’t have a buffet, so you know that whatever you order is made fresh.

We absolutely enjoyed the few meals we had during our time at the resort. Our entire food bill came to about Rs 1,000 for both of us which we thought was really reasonable for such great food.That too at a restaurant overlooking the ocean with such gorgeous views!


Nothing. Absolutely nothing! We just enjoyed the beach, the sunset, the view from the deck and each other’s company. We initially thought of taking the car and exploring parts of Gokarna (which was about an hour away) but we decided against it once we saw how peaceful this place was.


We spent a total of Rs 3,850 each which accounted for fuel, accommodation, road trip snacks, and food at the resort! Sounds good, doesn’t it? This is definitely what I’d call a budget trip, luxury style!

Would you consider going here? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

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