Sunday Brunch with Taj Fort Aguada

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Sunday Brunch with Taj Fort Aguada

Sunday: That one day you get to relax, rejuvenate and prepare yourself to conquer the week ahead! I usually spend my Sundays with family and friends and that gives me a chance to shed all my stress from the week before and motivates me to take on the week ahead. As much as I love to spend my Sundays lazing around at home, I also tend to feel like I wasted a whole holiday at the end of it. That’s where Taj Fort Aguada’s Sunday Brunch comes into picture.

For those of you who’ve visited this beautiful property, you know that it’s got one of the most mesmerizing views in all of Goa! As locals, we don’t really visit 5 star hotels too often, but the Sunday Brunch gives you the perfect excuse to do that!

The Sunday Brunch is held at Kokum Kitchen every Sunday from 12:30pm to 3:30pm and boasts of a variety of soups, salads, cold cuts, cheeses, live grill counters, chaat counters, mains, desserts and more! I could go on and on! The spread is so vast, it appeals to palates of all tastes and preferences.

I went along with my mom and brother last Sunday and we made a nice family day out of it. Unfortunately, my dad couldn’t join in because of professional commitments, but I will be sure to take him the next time I visit.

For starters, we helped ourselves to soups, a couple of cold cuts and cheeses and some salads, all of which were absolutely delightful! My favourite of them all were the Broccoli Almond soup, the Apple & Yogurt starter and the cold cuts that just melted in my mouth!

For mains, I had the grilled chicken from the live counter, it was grilled perfectly to my liking. I love that the chefs take your suggestions before starting on your order. We also tried the squid that was just as good. Aside from continental mains, they also have Indian food such as Biryani and veg, chicken and mutton gravies. There is simply something for every palate!

For desserts, which is my favourite part of any brunch, I pretty much tried out everything on display but the ones that really stood out for me were the blueberry crumble pie and the chocolate chili tart. They were absolutely orgasmic!

We then took a break from eating and enjoyed the live music, tried out some cocktails and after a bit, ended our brunch with some chaat from the live chaat counter, which again was delicious. It was the perfect end to our brunch.

After we were done eating, we took a stroll around the property to help with digestion, took some photos because the property is so gorgeous, you can’t leave without snapping a few pictures.

At Rs 1,770/- per head inclusive of taxes, this Sunday brunch was well worth it! Especially for large groups of friends, a fun family day out or a birthday or anniversary celebration. If you plan on gorging on great food this weekend, be sure to add the Taj Fort Aguada Sunday Brunch to your itinerary! Get in touch with them for more details.

See you guys in my next post! Have a great week ahead.


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