This Season’s Fashion Must Have: Waist Belt

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This Season’s Fashion Must Have: Waist Belt

We’ve all seen this trendy accessory from the 90s making the rounds again, be it at Fashion week, on Celebrities, Bloggers or just while scrolling through your IG feed and that one #Ootd pops up. Yes, I’m talking about the Waist Belt.

I first spotted these on the runway and they thereafter quickly made their way to fashion and apparel stores and are now all over my Instagram feed.

So, I’ve put together this post to try and help you style this new trend.

Here goes

1. With Dresses


Kylie Jenner demonstrates how a wide metallic belt is used to add dimension to her otherwise loose T-shirt dress. The belt has also upped her glamour quotient in this outfit and has made it look more stylish without much of an effort.

2. With Pantsuits

Gigi Hadid gives me outfit goals in this monochrome checked pantsuit! The belt, although it’s the same colour as the outfit, stands out and creates a break, thus dividing the outfit into two separate parts and making it more interesting. Could you imagine how plain the outfit would look without that one small detail?

3. With Trousers 

Vanessa Hudgens styled her loose linen trousers with a black top and a black and white jacket. She added a thick tan waist belt to add a pop of colour to her muted outfit. Although the belt is not required here, it definitely adds an element of interest to the entire ensemble!

Hopefully, this post helps you guys! If you’re not sure where to get your waist belts from, do check out Zaful. They’ve got some great affordable and trendy options. Happy shopping!



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