Tropical Tales

With the monsoons currently taking over Goa, there are a truckload of pool parties being thrown- Sao Joao parties, Friendship day parties, Independence day parties, you name it! Tbh, we Goans just need a reason to party. And that’s what makes us so awesome! Back in the day, we all attended those fun, casual pool parties where everyone would turn up with old t-shirts and flip flops. Things have changed now and as pool parties get more sophisticated, so do our outfits.

This particular outfit is something I’d wear to a pool party. Not one of those crazy (but fun) ones where everyone gets sloshed. This is an outfit that would fit a more sophisticated pool party. Also, this is my first collaboration with a photographer, so excuse my awkward poses, I’m super camera shy when posing. So a big thanks goes out to Eliel Dsouza from E.N.D photography for tolerating me!

Enough of my blabber for now. Let’s get started with the outfits. The top I’m wearing here is the currently super popular tumblr-esque palm leaf print top. Super cute and tropical, perfect for the monsoons! It’s an off the shoulder top, but unlike the ones that keep riding up your shoulders, the sleeves of this top are attached to the top separately, thereby making it more comfortable to wear. I bought this top while street shopping at Bugis street in Singapore.Cost me about Rs 600-700. It’s a really versatile top that pairs well with skirts, jeans, shorts, the works!

For this look, I decided to pair it with white denim cutoffs. Casual, but classy. I picked up this pair from CottonOn in Singapore. I’m usually very conscious about my thighs while wearing shorts because I have jiggly thighs with stretch marks and a little bit of cellulite at the back, but this pair hid those imperfections perfectly. The back of the shorts is longer than the front, thus giving the back part of the thighs more coverage. If I knew these shorts were so perfect, I’d have picked out a couple more pairs in different colours, but oh well.

For shoes, I wanted something that screamed “Stylish and sophisticated” so I went with these beautiful neon pumps that I picked up from Malaysia from this brand called Vincci. They had the most adorable shoes! My mum and I picked up a total of 5 pairs from there. If you’re ever in Malaysia, don’t forget to check out this brand. And yes, you’re probably thinking, “who wears heels to a pool party?”, but like I mentioned before, this outfit is one for a more sophisticated pool party.

For accessories, I decided to match the shoes with these adorable neon tassel earrings from Forever 21. And yes, I’m wearing a flower crown in some of the pictures in the spirit of San Joao, which is the feast of Saint John the Baptist. In Goa, we celebrate this day by wearing flower crowns and splashing around in the water.

If you’re looking to get a similar look, do check out the links below for outfit options and don’t forget to tell me what you think of this outfit in the comments below!



Top: Bugis street or similar
Shorts: CottonOn or similar
Shoes: Vincci or similar
Earrings: Forever 21
Watch: Aldo

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  1. Hey Nyeree! Lovedd this blog❤ Could you please tell me where did u do ur photoshoot?? Really loved the place?? It looks very beautiful too and peaceful and would like to be there once so i wanted to know which place this is?

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